Ski inventions still in development

Illustrations by Jared Rodden, Words by Jared Rodden & Watkin McLennan


Hot air balloon tents

Get around the mountains in style complete with a sleeping bag and a glass of bubbles. Only instead of romantic conversation and views of wineries, there’s lines to be scoped and fresh tracks to be made.

Augmented reality ski goggles

Turn any mediocre ski run into an Alaskan spine out of a ski movie. Just pop your goggles on at the top and drop in. Instead of seeing and feeling like a middle aged skier in Happy Valley feel like a legend billowing through powder.

Moon ski safari

If you really want to feel like a hero forget heli-skiing, the latest in luxury ski getaways is space skiing. Launched by SpaceX, they’ll take you to the moon where the gravity is one sixth as strong as Earth. You’ll feel like a pro as you bounce effortlessly down the moon-dunes. This seven day return trip includes Earth-Moon transfers, meals and 45 minutes of guided life-changing moon skiing. Alcohol not included.