Grounded on Country


There are old skiers and bold skiers but no old bold skiers

In life you can choose entanglement or separation. You can choose to live your life with your surroundings, to be grounded in place. Or you can choose to be a traveller – live everywhere but call nowhere home, a passive observer, never present, just watching the world pass by. Those that are rooted in place are like a wizened woollybutt, part of country, entangled with the land that holds us. Those that travel float like pollen on the wind, the nomads on a migratory loop.

Most Aussie skiers choose to be travellers, always dreaming of the future in service of their alpine addictions. For those of you worried about your lost international freedom in a COVID-World, see it as an opportunity to join the gums. Embed yourself in Australia’s high country. It might be modest when compared to glaciated peaks abroad, but it’s rich with stories, characters and life.