Photographer Chris Hocking tells the story behind this iconic cover shot

This photo is of Drew Jolowizc on Eagle Ridge with the iconic view of Feathertop in the background. It is one of Hotham’s best side country areas just off the back from Heavenly Valley. This day was one of those days you dream of. It was the biggest dump of the season in mid August. It snowed 80-90cm. Melbourne was under strict lockdown but I was lucky enough to be residing up at Hotham. The lifts were shut. The resort was empty.

We had the place to ourselves. It was the tail of this monster storm so we had an idea that it was going to be epic. We went out in the morning, it was still socked in. We dug some pits and made sure it was safe and then got after it. It was pretty much as good as it gets. Minus 6, 50cm of blower and then it got even better. The clouds fell away and it cleared. 

These are the moments that all photographers dream of. Being positioned in the right place just as the storm clears. At that moment the light just popped. And the location has to be one of the most spectacular in the Aussie alps.