Who we Are

Chillfactor is independently owned and published by the content makers, the skiers, the goggle tanned veteran seasoes that curate all the stories. Chillfactor's team consists of founder and editor Reggae Elliss, legendary photographer Tony Harrington, storyteller Rhylla Morgan and freeskier turned weekend warrior Watkin McLennan. Together, we live and love Australian skiing and our mission is to catalyse, perpetuate and share Australian freeskiing culture.

Where we’ve come from

In 1999, Reggae Elliss, launched Chillfactor. From inception the concept was simple – tell high level, high quality stories about Australian freeskiing. Reggae says of this time, “Magazines didn’t talk about skiing. They didn’t tell the stories of skiing. I was living in Thredbo. I was living skiing. Chillfactor was the way to share what I lived.” Reggae lived Freeskiing back then and still does today.

For him and all of us at Chillfactor, Freeskiing is the culture and life of the skier. The freeskier has no discipline. The freeskier skies everything, everywhere. The freeskier’s only rules are dictated by the mountain.

These words explain why over the years the content we have and continue to produce is so diverse. We have featured interviews with the world’s best skiers like Tanner Hall and legendary skiing icon, Tommy Tomasi. We have shed light on the Australian freeski scene from Andrea Binning to the Segal sisters but also made fun of that scene with Nanda’s List. We have printed luscious imagery of the world’s best ski destinations like Alaska and Antarctica but also published images of some of the world’s most unlikely ski destinations like Tasmania. One thing unites all of these stories – they celebrate skiing done with love, passion and flare.